Let’s face it, the job hunt process is a little broken. KNOWME aims to fix that. We are a video-first job marketplace, and we help connect people to hiring managers in a better way. We do so through our powerful community network of recruiters and job seekers where we connect everyone using what we call Video Vibe Checks™, self-recorded, authentic videos where people share who they are, what they are looking for and why. 

Be Yourself.

Being yourself is nearly impossible on a standard resume. It’s a faceless fact sheet, full of skills and numbers, a sterile and soulless representation of who you are. Why do I have a resume? If you’re like most people, it’s to help you get a job. But you can bet that out of the other THREE THOUSAND resumes your recruiter has gone through this week, yours *just might* get lost. And if it DOES get thru, you’ll need more than just a run-down of your past job experiences, you need to convey who you are. That’s where we come in.  Instead of being a list of skills, or worse, sounding just like everyone else, give ‘em the full picture, up front. A Vibe Check™ video is authentic. It’s genuinely you. This is your chance to wow a recruiter with your personality, your visual presentation, to be engaging and differentiate yourself, and to even be a storyteller – about you!

A No-Ghost-Zone

Looking and applying for a job can be a dreadful experience. It’s repetitive and intimidating, offering little insight into a specific job posting or the company’s culture. Similarly, hiring managers rely solely on resumes and LinkedIn profiles to gauge a candidate’s suitability. Without a supportive community of hiring managers and job seekers committed to finding the perfect match, the process often results in delays, mismatches, and, worst of all, ghosting. No one likes to be ghosted, but it’s become a given in the cruel world of job hunting.  Combined with a community of hiring managers actually focused on hiring, plus an algorithm designed to give you feedback on your Vibe Check’s™ performance, you can get a quick look into how you’re doing, with real-time analytics and tips. We’ll always give you the opportunity to grow so you can keep putting your best foot forward.

Better Jobs, Better World

We’ve taken on that challenge. KNOWME is drastically different from every other job marketplace out there. We are the world’s first and only, completely video-based job portal where we have democratized job searches making them more accessible, inclusive, and equitable for everyone. From ease of searches and advanced filtering to aim to transparent networking and career support throughout the job search process, KNOWME is working around the clock to ensure you never have to feel the pain that comes from using the stereotypical cookie cutter job portal again. And if we can help everyone land the best job for them, imagine what a better world it would be?

What’s Your Vibe?

Resumes are great, but they lack but they don’t convey who you really are, your vibe, and what’s important to you. That’s where our Vibe Checks come in. They help people on both sides of hiring, get a sense each other. Ya know, seeing someone’s face, how they convey themselves, and hearing from them firsthand, the scoop behind who they are or what the job and hiring company is all about. It’s like a dating app – for jobs. And Vibe Checks™ prime everyone for the interview process. It’s like a pre-interview, interview. Except, it’s not in person.


We get it, quizzes aren’t everyone’s favorite thing, but trust us, you’ll actually want to take this one! We’ve put a lot of effort into making KNOWME awesome. Teaming up with some brainy MIT professors, we’ve fine-tuned our personality assessment to help pinpoint your unique work style. The results connect your special qualities with job opportunities in our marketplace that are a perfect fit for you. It’s all about getting you the best job search results possible, and hey, you might even learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.