Video Vibe Check

What’s Your Vibe?

Resumes are valuable, yet they often fall short in capturing your true essence, vibe, and priorities. That’s where our Video Vibe Checks™ come into play. They facilitate mutual understanding between job seekers and employers.

You see, observing someone’s facial expressions, mannerisms, and hearing directly from them provides invaluable insights into their personality. It can show what they seek in a job and company. It’s akin to using a dating app, but for employment purposes. Video Vibe Checks™ effectively prepare everyone for the interview process, serving as a preliminary step before the in-person interview.

Moreover, Video Vibe Checks™ are easily accessible within our community, whether you’re a job candidate, hiring manager, recruiter, or career advocate. They offer genuine insights into who individuals are, what they’re searching for, and what holds significance to them.

Video Vibe Check phones sharing the vibes.
Video Vibe Check sharing the molecules of love.

Key values of the Video Vibe Checks™

Video Vibe Checks“ are searchable throughout our community Video Vibe Checks“ are searchable throughout our community
whether you are a job candidate, a hiring manager or recruiter, or
one of our altruistic career advocates. They give you the real
scoop on who some is, what they are looking for and what’s

Personality and Communication Skills: A Vibe Check™ allows candidates to showcase their personality, communication style, and interpersonal skills in a way that a traditional resume cannot. Recruiters can get a better sense of the candidate’s demeanor, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

Visual Presentation: Vibe Checks™ provide a visually engaging way for candidates to present themselves. This allows recruiters to see how they present themselves visually. Body language, grooming, and attire can be important factors in certain industries.

Storytelling: Candidates can use Vibe Checks™ to tell their career story in a more compelling and dynamic manner than a written resume. They can provide context to their experiences, highlight achievements, and explain their career goals with greater clarity and impact.

Creativity and Innovation: Vibe Checks™ offer candidates the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and innovation in how they present themselves. This can be
particularly advantageous in creative fields or roles that require innovative thinking.

Differentiation: In a competitive job market, a well-executed Vibe Check™ can help candidates stand out from the crowd. Leave a memorable impression on recruiters. It can differentiate them from other applicants who rely solely on traditional resumes.

Engagement and Attention: Vibe Checks™ can capture the attention of recruiters more effectively than text-based resumes. This will lead to increased engagement with the candidate’s profile and potentially improving their chances of being considered for the role